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Train harder and smarter, with data that drives intent and optimizes your workouts.

Real-Time Velocity, ROM, and Power
Increase strength and explosivity
Track bar path and Daily 1RM
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TrueRep VBT will benefit any lifter, regardless of their goals. A day you should be lifting lighter, it will help you recognize that, while still getting a good intense workout. When you are unsure and dial back, you can push it a little bit and set yourself up for new strength gains.

Kyle Young
Team USA Head Coach, USPA
IPL International Referee
Kabuki Strength - Trusted Gym Equipment PartnerPWRx Performance - Athletic Performance Specialists

The Why

Smash Your Goals.

Optimize Your Workouts.
The bar doesn’t care how you feel. Use the data to know when to push harder and when to pull back.
Get Stronger, Faster.
Target a Velocity Zone to achieve specific adaptations. Train faster for explosivity or slower for raw strengh.
Reduce Injuries.
Utilize Velocity Loss to measure your body’s fatigue. Make real-time adjustments to your training.
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The How

The Most Accurate and Reliable VBT App.

TrueRep VBT uses your iOS device's camera to track our green magnet. Our algorithm will do the rest.

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TrueRep VBT System


Everything you need to start tracking velocity.

  • 1 Green Magnet and App Access
  • Real-time Velocity Feedback
  • Extremely Accurate and Reliable

Additional User Account


For adding users to a shared VBT System in a group setting.

  • 1 User Account
  • All data visible in Manager accounts

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