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Why TrueRep VBT?

TrueRep VBT leverages the latest technology in computer-vision on the device that’s already in your pocket.

We’ve packed in all the benefits of a traditional 3D-camera system, without any of the headaches.

Affordable and Scalable
TrueRep VBT eliminates the need for expensive hardware-based units, making velocity tracking accessible to coaches and athletes at all levels.
Easy Setup
Simply attach the magnet to your barbell, download the TrueRep VBT app, and you're ready to go. No complicated installation or calibration required.
Accurate and Reliable
TrueRep VBT utilizes advanced algorithms to deliver precise velocity measurements, ensuring you get accurate feedback for every rep.
Real-Time Data
Instantly view your velocity data in real-time, allowing you to make immediate adjustments to optimize your training and performance.
Data Analysis
Dive deep into your training progress with comprehensive data analysis tools. Analyze trends, set goals, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your athletic performance.
Athlete & Team Management
TrueRep VBT enables coaches to easily track and manage multiple athletes, creating personalized training programs based on individual data and goals.

The TrueRep Difference

VBT Has Never Been Simpler.

TrueRep VBT offers a new approach to Velocity-Based Training, designed to bring the revolutionary programming method within reach for every athlete.

TrueRep VBT

Only need your iOS device and our magnet, it's that simple
Durable magnets and no tethers means we won't let you down
Camera-based system means accurate results every time
Just slap a magnet on and mount your phone
Affordable pricing allows remote coaching worldwide
The entire setup fits in the palm of your hand

Other VBT Solutions

Expensive hardware units for every rack
Fragile hardware prone to breaking in dynamic environments
LPTs without x-axis correction can give inaccurate data
Multi-step setup with constant adjustments during workout
Too expensive to coach athletes remotely
Too bulky to take on the road

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Affordable Pricing for Every Athlete

Our software-based solution provides flexibility for any budget.

VBT System


Everything you need to incorperate Velocity-Based Training.

  • 1 Ultra-Durable Magnet
  • 1 User Account
  • Real-time feedback
  • No strings attached
  • No Bluetooth connection required
  • All data stored seamlessly to the cloud
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Additional User Account


For adding additional users to a shared VBT System.

  • 1 User Account
  • All data visible in Manager accounts
  • Scale up and down as needed

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