February 13, 2023

The Importance of Reaching Proper Depth When Performing a Squat

Squats are one of the most popular and effective exercises for building strength and muscle in the lower body. However, it is essential to perform squats correctly to maximize the benefits and avoid injury. One of the most critical aspects of proper squat technique is reaching proper depth.

Why Depth Matters

Reaching proper depth in a squat means that the thigh is parallel to the ground or lower. This full range of motion recruits more muscle fibers, leading to increased strength and muscle development. Squats that only go halfway down only target the quadriceps and neglect the important role the hamstrings and glutes play in stabilizing the body.

In addition to promoting muscle growth, squats that reach proper depth also improve functional movement patterns. Daily activities like picking up a heavy object from the ground or getting up from a chair become easier with a strong, flexible lower body.

How to Achieve Proper Depth

Achieving proper depth in a squat requires mobility in the hips, ankles, and thoracic spine. Tightness in any of these areas can limit the range of motion, making it difficult to reach proper depth.

To help improve mobility, consider incorporating dynamic warm-up exercises and foam rolling into your routine. Targeted stretching can also be beneficial.

It's also important to use proper technique when squatting. Keep your chest up, your weight balanced over your midfoot, and your knees tracking over your toes. As you lower yourself down, push your hips back and keep your back straight. If you feel your heels lifting off the ground, you may need to use a slightly wider stance.


Reaching proper depth in a squat is essential for maximizing the benefits of this exercise and avoiding injury. Incorporating mobility work and proper technique can help you achieve proper depth and take your squats to the next level. Start incorporating these tips into your training routine today and watch your lower body strength and muscle development improve!