Achieve your squat goals with real-time data driven feedback.

Transform your squats today with TrueRep Squat, the ultimate tool for optimizing the king of exercises.

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Optimize your squat with TrueRep Pro

Unlock your squats full potential with TrueRep Pro. Get access to all of our game changing features and make progress toward your goals.

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Master the Fundamentals

TrueRep makes it easier than ever to master the fundamentals of squat form by leveraging Depth Check, Knee Cave Detection, and Stance Check.

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Reach new levels of Strength

Stuck on a strength plateau? Utilizing TrueReps built in squat variations and velocity tracking, we can help you achieve new PR’s.

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Maximize Muscle Growth

Wanting to get the most out of your lift? TrueRep makes it seamless to track and focus on Time-under-Tension.

Discover all that TrueRep has to offer.

Plug and play our features based on your focus for each workout.

  • In-depth data on every rep

    See your in-depth data on velocity, eccentric, and concentric times on every rep.

  • Squat Variations

    Perform Pause and Tempo squats with unmatched precision.

  • Workout Log

    Review previous workouts and analyze your data at different weights and times.

  • Knee Cave Detection

    On every lift receive notification of knee valgus at the top of your rep to reduce future injury.

  • Velocity Tracking

    See consistent velocity data on every rep by weight.

  • Depth Notification

    Get notified once proper depth is reached on every rep.

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Just want help knowing when you’ve reached depth?

  • Notification once depth is reached
  • Auto-rep counter
  • Workout Log
  • Stance Check
  • Squat Consistency Chart
  • In-app video recording
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Ready to reach and exceed your squat goals?

  • Everything in Starter plan
  • Squat Variations
  • Velocity tracking on every rep
  • In-depth data for every set
  • Knee cave detection
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